Building ID Cards

Building ID cards are required to enter the building at all times, including after business hours, evenings, and weekends. Each ID card is programmed to ensure appropriate access to your tenant space. Upon entering the lobby, swipe your ID card at the appropriate turnstile for access to the elevators and your floor.

Building ID card photos are taken in the Security Office every Monday through Friday from the hours of 11AM to 1PM.

To obtain a Building ID card for new employees or to replace an existing card, a request must be completed and signed off by an authorized signator of the firm. Please indicate if the ID card is for a new employee or if it is a replacement card for an existing employee. Take the completed form and the new employee to the Security office for processing.

All Building ID cards are the property of Vornado Office Management LLC. When an employee resigns or is terminated, the tenant must place a Photo ID Card Cancellation request through Angus. Your cancellation request will allow building management personnel to terminate that ID card and cancel employee access to your space.

Visitor Access

Tenants expecting visitors to the building must notify the Security Desk using the Angus system. This will allow the system to print out a temporary pass when your visitor checks in with a valid form of identification. This pass will allow the visitor access to the elevator and your floor. Visitor passes are issued on a daily basis and automatically expire at 11:59PM the same day. Reoccurring visitors must be noted in the Angus system.

Visitor Access is for business guests and visitors only. Facilities, maintenance, deliveries and other service requests should not be entered into Angus as Visitor Access but rather be made through the Building Management Office directly.

After-Hours Visitor Access

Any information regarding visitor access, deliveries, or construction outside business hours must be submitted via Angus no later than 3PM. The Building Office prepares a security memo every night and over the weekend to notify the security guards of any activity taking place in the building.

If your notices are not received by 3PM, information for that evening or the next morning may not be included in the nightly memo. Please help us avoid any inconvenience by sending us notification of after-hours activity well in advance.

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